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What is FORS?

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators which want to raise the level of quality within fleet operations.

FORS accreditation is a voluntary program to ameliorate transportation standards. FORS is a certification and recognition for those fleet operator company that owns heavy vehicles, vans and buses as they are maintaining and ensuring  mitigation in environmental impacts, safety and efficient in their operations. This is a kind of awareness and competition among those who are associated with FORS haulage to enhance the benchmark and performance.

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme offers different levels like Bronze, Silver and Gold. These levels encourage transporters to improve much more in criteria of FORS and got these different portfolios.

Bronze Accreditation

Bronze Accreditation level pays attention on legal compliance and basic practices in fleet operations. Fleet operators have to demonstrate certain standards refers to driver training, vehicle maintenance and record-keeping etc.

Silver Accreditation

Silver accreditation, on a whole, is an advance level than Bronze. It consists of much more practices and procedures. At the Silver level, Fleet operators committed in constant training of staff, making fuel efficiency better. So, Silver is a next level stuff for fleet operators

Gold Accreditation in FORS Scheme

Gold accreditation significant and highest level of recognition within the FORS scheme. To achieve Gold status, fleet operators must be capable and show excellent safety measures and environmental responsibility. Gold-accredited operators often implement cutting-edge practices and technologies to achieving this superiority.

Fleet operators strive and urge to achieve Gold status by taking safety as their first and foremost priority. Fleet operators often do some distinguish things to achieve Gold Level by investing in state-of-the-art technologies to increasing efficiency across their fleets and green initiatives like environmental factors to reducing their carbon emission.

FORS Bronze & Silver accreditation certifies our guarantee of secure and professional haulage services. Deliverred Transport is committed to ensure good practices and the highest standards of Road safety and Customer service whilst Protecting the Environment.

We cover both FORS Bronze & Silver Accredited Deliveries across the Nation with FORS Accreditation Northwest.

We always handle your single shipments and your frequent deliveries with equal amount of professionalism and commitment.

We aim to be the first choice in the European countries for groupage, part load and full load transports and for special equipment.

As our customer, you will benefit from a full Track & Trace of your shipments. With just one click, you will know where your cargo is.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FORS?

FORS, or Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, is a voluntary accreditation program in the UK that promotes best practices in fleet management, including safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

2. Why choose a FORS-accredited delivery service?

Opting for FORS-accredited deliveries ensures adherence to industry best practices, enhancing safety, reducing environmental impact, and demonstrating a commitment to excellence in fleet management.

3. How does FORS improve safety in deliveries?

FORS emphasizes rigorous safety standards, including driver training, vehicle safety features, and regular assessments, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting a safer environment for road users.

4. What environmental benefits come with FORS deliveries?

FORS encourages eco-friendly practices, promoting fuel efficiency, emissions reduction, and sustainable operations to minimize the environmental impact of delivery services.

5. Can FORS accreditation be verified?

Yes, FORS accreditation status is easily verifiable through the official FORS website. Clients can check the accreditation status of a delivery service to ensure compliance with industry standards.

6. Are there different levels of FORS accreditation?

Yes, FORS offers Bronze, Silver, and Gold accreditation levels. Each level signifies a progressive commitment to excellence, with Gold being the highest level, demonstrating exemplary fleet management practices.

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